Karmic Bitch-slap Tarot Spread

Where should I look? Online or off? How many frogs might I have to kiss? Are there any good candidates out there? Do I really have to use Tinder? But if you find yourself struggling to get clarity, it might be time to consult with your wise inner self. Enter tarot. In fact, tarot is wonderful for self-reflection, especially if you find yourself feeling a bit lost. Jenny took a year off from dating to heal after a painful breakup.

So, the Tarot Knows Alllll About Your Love Life

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Before going on its journey to track the stars to see the spread will personally answer every dating life time.

The impact of each tarot card depends on the spread used and its placement in the spread. Different tarot spreads have different uses and using the best one for​.

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Simple Tarot Technique for Finding Love

Guest post by Zorian Cross This spread was created about a couple of years ago. I was dumped by a guy I was having a long distant relationship with. He had issues regarding commitment and claimed I was suffocating him and he needed his space he was two continents apart from me, how much space did he need? So in a fiery fit of rage, I turned to my cards and began organically pulling cards one after another, asking questions randomly.

So hard I laughed, I could feel the tears of joy falling down my cheeks. So then I thought, there are so many tarot spreads that are all about looking for love, understanding relationships, and discovering Karmic roots of relationships.

Getting ready to dip your toe back into the dating pool but feeling nervous? Tarot can Online or off? You may think of tarot as a divination tool but that’s not the only way it can be used. Let’s show the spread in action.

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A Spread for Online Dating

How often do you meet someone new and think, “I like them, I wonder if they like me and if a relationship will develop between us? Tarot can give you the answer you are looking for with the simplest Tarot Spread of them all. A single card. Predicting the possibility of a relationship using Tarot for Love is surprisingly easy and yet often frustratingly accurate. When we meet someone new for the first time we go on looks and first impressions from a distance.

I created this First Date Tarot spread, for a quick glimpse into your date. It is always awkward going on a first date. I wanted to create something.

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Ghandi knew a thing or two about true happiness. Draw on his wisdom in your relationships, with a bit of help from the Tarot. Award winning site about Tarot and spiritual growth. Tarot resources, readings, cards, decks, forums, big New Age shop, spiritual holistic healing.

11 New Tarot Spreads For Twentysomethings

In the late 18th century, some tarot decks began to be used for divination via tarot card reading and cartomancy leading to custom decks developed for such occult purposes. Like common playing cards, the tarot has four suits which vary by region: French suits in Northern Europe, Latin suits in Southern Europe, and German suits in Central Europe. In addition, the tarot has a separate card trump suit and a single card known as the Fool.

Depending on the game, the Fool may act as the top trump or may be played to avoid following suit. Among English-speaking countries where these games are not played frequently, tarot cards are used primarily for novelty and divinatory purposes, usually using specially designed packs. The word Tarot and German Tarock derive from the Italian Tarocchi , the origin of which is uncertain but taroch was used as a synonym for foolishness in the late 15th and early 16th centuries.

Dating tarot – Find single man in the US with online dating. This spread to release a romance and relating by giving the history of characters from below and its.

There are many types of tarot decks to choose from, but once you’ve chosen a deck and have a good idea of each tarot card’s meaning , you’ll need to decide on a particular card arrangement or spread for the reading. The impact of each tarot card depends on the spread used and its placement in the spread. Different tarot spreads have different uses and using the best one for the question will help you seek out the best answer.

This three-card spread is perfect for “yes or no” questions. It is also a great spread to use for daily readings. For a daily reading, ask, “What do I need to know about today? The Hexagram spread uses six cards plus a significator. It’s a flexible spread, which is used mostly for:. The hexagram can be read as a six-pointed star with cards 1, 2, and 6 making a triangle pointing up, and cards 3, 4, and 5 making a triangle pointing down.

The significator says something important about the person asking the question or seeking guidance. This spread uses the major arcana cards and is only used for serious issues or an answer to a vital question. The major arcana consists of twenty-one numbered cards and one unnumbered card the Fool.

Tarot Card Spreads

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Nervous before that first date and not sure what to expect? The Tarot comes to the rescue with the Internet Dating Vetting Spread!

This tarot spread came as inspiration from the astral realm. Higher frequencies encourage us to tune into unconditional love, harmony, peace and heightened spiritual abilities. We move from a place of valuing the material matter to a place where we can observe mind and experience life with a clearer lens. We all have mental health! Just like physical health it’s something we all have to check in with and maintain.

Quick tips for gaining control when you’re losing grip with your mental heal. This spread can be used after you’ve experienced a negative event, gone through a difficult time, or even if you’re simply having a bad day and are looking to restore your faith in what you once trusted. Allow yourself the freedom to open your heart and trust that the Universe always has your best interest in mind.

Use this spread for personal application kind of like an elaborate overall self evaluation or direct intention to another person. Wonderful to use during Samhain. Card 1—Source, issue origin. Card 2—Inner-self. Card 3—Emotions. Card 4—Desires.