Jenelle Evans Details Domestic Abuse Perpetrated by Her Ex

Subscriber Account active since. Now married to David Eason , Evans has since had two more children — Kaiser, her son with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith, and Ensley, her daughter with Eason. In , MTV removed Eason from the series after he allegedly posted a series of homophobic tweets. That same year, Evans was involved in a road-rage incident after a driver cut her off and stopped short on the highway, causing Evans to abruptly brake to avoid hitting him, per People magazine. MTV filmed her as she pulled out a gun while her son, Jace, was in the passenger seat of her vehicle. She and the driver in question were not charged for the incident.

Jenelle Evans, ‘Teen Mom 2’ star, engaged to boyfriend Gary Head after five months together

Jenelle first starred in the season 2 premiere of 16 and Pregnant in an episode so rough, it still haunts me nine years later. It kicks off with Jenelle saying she fights a lot with her mom, Barbara. TBH, this is the understatement of the century. By the end of the episode, Jenelle has broken up with her year-old baby daddy, Andrew Lewis. He got arrested. Also, side note: I know that most of our looks change after nine years, but teenage Jenelle looks like a literal different person.

Whatever Jenelle Evans wants, she gets — that’s been the star’s outlook According to her exes, the girls would regularly sleep together, even on her Facebook, one fan brought the matter up to her ex boyfriend Gary Head.

Jenelle Evans finally has some good news to share. The troubled “Teen Mom 2” star is engaged to her to her on-again, off-again boyfriend Gary Head , she announced Wednesday. The year-old posted a photo of her engagement ring on Twitter, writing : “I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have Gary Head in my life. Evans, who is mom to 2-year-old son Jace, reportedly began dating Head over five months ago. According to reports, Head was preparing to pop the question before the two briefly split in April.

Head, 22, subsequently tweeted out a photo of the engagement ring on April 12, writing: “Glad I can get my money back for this!!!! During this time, Evans briefly reunited with ex Kieffer Delp , who accompanied her to the doctor’s office when she underwent breast enlargement surgery on May 2. The happy news caps off the MTV star’s dramatic year involving several run-ins with the law. Last August, Evans was arrested for violating her probation stemming from her involvement in a March street fight with another woman.

Why Isn’t Jenelle Evans on ‘Teen Mom’ Anymore?

The series also focuses on the themes of their changing relationships between family, friends, and boys, while highlighting the struggles of young mothers raising children. With her son Jace’s father out of the picture, Jenelle relies heavily on her mother Barbara, who currently has permanent custody of Jace, while Jenelle has limited visitation. On December 4, , Jenelle married Courtland Rogers. The couple got engaged in November and were expecting her second child.

In June , Jenelle started dating Nathan Griffith.

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans and her fiance, Gary, have called it quits Admits the source, “I could see them getting back together or her.

Can we take everyone and anyone associated with the whole Teen Mom series and drop them off a cliff yet? Jenelle Evans has been a bit quieter than usual since miscarrying and deciding to divorce her husband of two months, Courtland Rogers. She seems to be shacked up with abusive former boyfriend, Gary Head and he is speaking out on her behalf. These clowns love Twitter and like to broadcast every bad move of their lives and those around them.

He seems to have popped up at some point and was threatening to cause more drama than usual for Jenelle. Duffy is getting picked up for RAPE. I knew his day would come. As of now it looks like Duffy is still a free man and this tweet amounts to nothing more than slander. That obviously would include who she spends her time with. Is Gary good for Jenelle? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Jenelle Evans’ Friend Reveals Her Ex-Fiance Gary Head’s Alleged Drug-Fueled Violence

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans with son Jace and Gary Head. Breaking News: Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans And Kieffer Delp Back Together Again Teen.

Jenelle Evans has been through several tumultuous relationships over the years. And now in her memoir, the reality star has opened up about the horrific domestic abuses she suffered in when she was dating Gary Head. The reality star has revealed that her relationship with the US Marine was the worst of all. We started getting into fights about any little thing. He even proposed to me once during an argument,” she wrote. The year-old reality star admitted that her decision to accept Gary’s proposal soon backfired as he soon started abusing her physically.

All of that came to an end when he finally snapped and laid hands on me during an argument,” her memoir claims. In the book, Janelle recalls one horrific incident when she was almost choked to death by her then boyfriend. He started screaming at me and I kept on crying. The next thing I knew, I couldn’t breathe. Gary had attacked me. He jumped from the bed, looped his blanket around my throat and pulled it tight. He kept screaming at me to stop crying while choking me the whole time.

Just when I thought I was going to pass out, or even outright die, he finally released me.

Jenelle Evans & Gary Head Are NOT Together and We Think We Know Why

Jenelle Evans is in the throes of an epic Twitter rant about her recent marital and health drama, and has made several key revelations. Reportedly, the two are both behind bars after Head was charged with a domestic violence disturbance and Evans was charged with drug possession. The year-old Teen Mom star hit the celebrity loved sands on Saturday in an asset flaunting bikini.

Jenelle Evans was reunited with her baby son Kaiser, 6 months, after a long vacation in St.

Jenelle Evans finally has some good news to share. Evans, ‘Teen Mom 2’ star, engaged to boyfriend Gary Head after five months together.

I love an “against the odds” love story where a couple gets married after knowing each other for a week and then celebrates their 75th wedding anniversary. But I just don’t see that happening for Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans , who is now engaged to Gary Head, her “on-again, off-again” boyfriend of less than six months. The ring lovely—totally classic and tasteful. But I’m still on the fence about the engagement itself. I mean, marriage is a very grown-up thing. And Jenelle still has a lot of growing up to do.

I’m not saying there are NO year-olds who are ready for marriage—one of my besties was married at 21 and is still head over heels with her groom more than 10 years later. But you don’t have to follow Teen Mom that closely to know Jenelle still behaves like a child—despite the fact that she has a child of her own.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans: A Timeline of Her Ups and Downs

When you think about all the controversies ex Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has faced, there’s usually a man at her side. Not saying that she doesn’t make mistakes on her own, but throughout the 10 years since she joined the MTV franchise, she’s had a boyfriend or husband getting up to trouble with her. If you’re in need of a refresher on who Jenelle has dated, we got you.

– Starts dating Andrew (Jenelle says they were engaged at some point of their relationship but didn’t specify June -Jenelle says Gary choked her.

This Teen Mom 2 trainwreck just keeps chugging along — with Jenelle Evans in the conductor’s seat and we’re just her passengers, along for the wild ride. To recap the past few weeks: Jenelle got married , Jenelle got pregnant , Jenelle dumped new hubby , Jenelle filed assault charges against said hubby, and then Jenelle miscarried her baby. This week, Jenelle moved in with old flame and formerly accused abuser , necklace stealer, and door-kicker-inner Gary Head , accused Courtland Rogers of trying to run her off the road and Courtland tried to cozy up to Gary’s lovely lady.

Just another 48 hours in the life of Jenelle. To keep the order of events somewhat under control — Courtland returned to Twitter after a two minute break to taunt Gary with photos that showed Gary’s “love” Jade cozying up to Courtland. He wrote, “Tell Gary I got jade chillin on my lap lmfao.

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans and Gary Head Are Both Behind Bars

She’s a woman in her mid-twenties, so it’s normal for her to have had a good few boyfriends. No shade there whatsoever. But what’s not so normal is the way she dates these guys. Or the way she marries them. Or the way she gets impregnated by them. Jenelle Evans has had a very, very eventful dating history.

Jenelle was granted a restraining order against Gary Head today The couple were arrested together last year and charged with breaking and entering.

She’s a coastal girl who loves the outdoors, and writing about the sneaky and silly side of reality TV. Her bio is short, but her snark is endless. She loves writing for the sharpest posters in the world. The couple is supposedly struggling towards a lovey reunion, and while Jenelle claims that the romance kicked back in, a source close to the couple has come forward to contradict her reported info, exclusively sharing the details with All About the Tea.

The insider dishes that any claims of togetherness between Griffith and Evans have been a fake, and that Nathan was officially done with Jenelle when she threw him under the bogus injury bus. He kept up the romantic charade, supposedly to keep the fame train on the track. Jenelle claimed they worked it out and got back together but Nathan only pretended to get back with her so he could still go to the reunion taping earlier this summer.

Not only was Griffith finished with the reality diva, he began dating his current girlfriend, Jessica Henry, way back in May. The tipster also claims that Griffith has had his own apartment, since he was unfairly arrested in March. Last May, Jenelle scored her 15th mugshot, after drunkenly assaulting Nathan at this apartment, with Jessica looking on.

The insider asserts that Nathan has never had any intention of marrying his former fiancee, commenting,. He never had any intention of marrying her.

Jenelle Evans & Doris’ Kaiser Custody Trial Postponed