8th grader dating 6th grader?

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High School Junior Dating a 8th Grader?

I’m a sophomore at my school and there is a new 8th grade boy that just came this year. Middle and high school are combined at my school so we see each other a lot in the halls and at lunch. He is seriously one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. He’s a devoted Christian, smart, great baseball player, and not to mention freaking adorable. He’s never had a girlfriend and I’ve never had a boyfriend, so we’re on the same level lol.

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OK when my buddy and I were in the bathroom I finished washing my hands and I walked by the door waiting for him to come out. This 8th grade girl I’m about 5″4 and she was as tall as me walks up to me with her friend and asks me what grade I’m in, I tell her “I”m in 7th grade, why can I help you with something? What should I do if this happens to me again? Do you think 8th grade girls are just that desperate nowadays or am I really “cute”? You know it’s not the age problem it’s just that this is the first time someone asked me out and I was nervous and unprepared.

There is a a very real chance that her and her friend and her were doing it to be mean.. Girls rarely even ask out guys to begin with, let alone people they’ve seen for only 10 seconds. Maybe she thought her friend would think she was funny. But I don’t know you or what you look like and she could have liked you.. It is fine for you, an eighth grader, to date a seventh grade girl. Your age difference a matter of months at most is not so great that it would raise any red flags.

However, at your age, dating should consist of going out in groups of friends and spending time together in the company of your family.

would an 8th grade guy date a 6th grade girl?

Hi, I’m an 8th grade boy who needs some help. There’s this girl that really obviously likes me. She’s not that hot at all although she’s not ugly , but I know her pretty well and she’s smart, funny and nice. I’m not super popular myself, right in the middle, and I’ve never had a girlfriend. Should I ask her out, talk to her friends, wait for her to ask me out, what?

So, I am a High School Junior (11th Grader) boy and I like a Middle School 8th Grader girl. I was planning on asking her out soon and was wondering if she says​.

Please don’t date. A lot of my friends regret dating immature boys. Well it depends Im also in 6th grade and ive had two 8th grade boyfriends. My first was a complete jerk and just was my boyfriends cuz of my body so i broke up with him. My second im am currently dating is amazing. Sorry but 6th graders [especially the girls] should stay away from 8th grade boys. The might be cute but they are very weird and immature. They guys at my school dye their hair like platinum blonde and orange over bets in P.

E and they shave their legs. Those are just two examples. I would stick to boys your age. It wouldn’t look to weird at the mall or something, but at school if you two were walking down the hall holding hands or something, it might look a little weird. No because all of his friends are going to be like your dating a 6th grader and plus he just might be using you. I wouldn’t do it because all of your friends know their going to be like that’s great, but his friends are going to be like why are you doing that are you dumb or desperate because it happens at my school a lot.

End of year.. 8th Grade Boy Dating 7th Grade Girl?

There’s this guy at my lunch table that I really like. He’s in 7th grade, I’m in 8th grade. I think he’s really hot. He’s really sweet and funny. Is it weird for me to go out with him because I know he likes me, he asked me for a hug the other day.

The secondary school transcript should contain a letter or percentage grade for each All results from all WAEC exams dating back to can be verified through Kumasi: Marilyn Owusu, [email protected], Phone: ​

OK so I and my friend are in 8th grade. She and this guy were texting he is in 10th grade she said she was to.. But she set up a date with him to go to the movies and he asked if one of her friends could go to she told him I would and he said how old is she 10th grade i am 14 though. Well his friend is 10th grade and I am supposed to be with him we are meeting them Friday and they think we are in 10th grade but most people think I am in 10th grade when they see me.

My friend looks 13 but I don’t know what to do I mean I have been talking to him for a while we have like everything in common pretty much in common. Do you think it’s weird and do you think they will think we look to young? But just watch out because I know how 10th grade boys are, trust me, they possibly would try and take full advantage of you guys. I’m a 9th grader, but my boyfriend’s a 10th grader, he would never go out with a 8th grader though. It’s not weird in my opinion, but just watch out what you’re getting yourself into girl.

Yes it is very weird, because i mean i knew someone who was in grade 11 and dated someone in grade 8, basically that grd. No its not weird but it’s dangerous and also he can get the girl in trouble, trust me i no i went out with a 8th grader when i was in 6th. Trending News. Lori Loughlin’s husband sentenced to 5 months. NFL rookie getting attention for his ‘massive legs’.

Would a 9th grade guy date a 8th grade girl?

I’m in 8th grade and its the end of the year. So to kind of keep this short, would it be wrong for me to date her? I’m 13 and I think she’s 13 too but maybe not.

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Is it ok for an 8th grader date a 11th grader?

Im an 8th grade girl and I really like this 7th grade guy. I met him at karate and he’s like my only friend there. He is really funny and smart, and much sweeter then guys in my grade. He has goals in life, like being an architect, and has opinions about world issues I’m just really impressed.

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Sophomore girl dating an 8th grade guy?

Okay, well I’m an 8th grade girl and I’m dating a 6th grade boy. Well, I really like him, he’s had a girlfriend or two before so he’s not like too young or whatever. I’ve also had a few boyfriends so that’s not a problem either.

I’m a sophomore guy and she is a 8th grade girl. Should we date?

My little sister is going to be a sixth grader this school year and she has been going to some jumpstart thing where she met a boy who is a eighth grader they started dating.. And I know if I should be worried or not.. I mean it’s my baby sister and this guy seems more matuure. I really don’t know how to word it. Just should I be worried or not???

But if you tell your sister this, that will probably motivate her to stay with him anyway, so I suggest you just keep an eye on her.

is 8th grade to young to date?

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No reason not to I know seniors who dated 8th graders nothing is illegal about it unless it’s sexual besides your only about 2 years apart go ahead. As long you are not turning 18 anytime soon like in the next years then yes it’s fine. Just don’t disrespect her. Of course! It shouldn’t matter what grade she is in!

Unless she is way too young for you But an eighth grader is totally fine. Nope to young. Trending News. Lori Loughlin’s husband sentenced to 5 months. NFL rookie getting attention for his ‘massive legs’.

Girl Talk: Middle/High School Dating